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Myrniong – buzzing with excitement – welcome to another year

Welcome to the New Year – 2024. We will look back to interesting and inspiring accounts of people who shaped our community and paved the way for the fortunate life we experience today. As we gear up for the new year with freshly sharpened pencils (and maybe a carving knife or two), let's take a stroll down memory lane, precisely 160 years back to 1864. Imagine Myrniong, or as it was fondly called, "Blow's Flat," buzzing with excitement. The talk of the town was The Plough Hotel and Store, considered to be the most valuable location for business in the town, and a fancy "first-class farm" that included 60 fruit trees – all up for grabs as an unreserved sale!  The sale was offered by the savvy Mr. Alfred Smith, who strategically claimed land at both entrances to the township, and his business partner, Mr. Charles Marden. The reason for the sale? These two fellows were bidding farewell to the district and going their separate ways. This was just the start of a